Arthritis & Covid

I’ve recently tested positive with covid, and find that the pain in my neck and shoulders have diminished substantially, I can even make a fist with my left hand, something I’ve been unable to do for some months.

Wondered if there’s a link here?


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    Hi @WelshWitch76

    welcome to the online community I am sorry to hear you have got Covid, and I hope your symptoms are not too bad. Our bodies are very interesting and do things we don't expect. I have not found any reliable information pointing to your experience but if you are reporting to the Covid-19 app study it might be worth reporting it there (Zoe) .

    There are other people here who may have experiences they can share with you. You mention that you experience pain in your neck and shoulders so I have added this link for you which may be useful.

    Please join in on discussions that interest you and ask lots of questions we have amazing members here with a wealth of experience

    Best Wishes


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    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the opposite? I had some on/ off pain in my l/h index finger for a few weeks but brushed it off as RSI/ posture. I then went to an outdoor event and managed to catch COVID. Roll on a few weeks and the pain was a bit worse and also a bit in r/h. Went to Doctors (had planned to prior to catching COVID) and have tested positive for anti CCP following my physical assessment. That was about a week or so ago. I have since been getting various pains/ stiffness etc. I was wondering whether COVID has accelerated things or if this is just normal with early RA (Doctors current expectation this will be diagnosis)

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    Hi @Fishcake21

    Welcome to the online community,great to see you posting and asking questions.

    You ask if Covid would accelerate all the symptoms you have.It sometimes does from reports i have read but it could be a flareup of your RA aswell it is very difficult to separate the two things.

    Please do go onto our forums as there are people on there that could help you as they all understand what you are going through.

    You could go back to your consultant and ask

    Here is a link that may help as a extra bit of information

    All the best please stay in touch and tell us how you get on



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    @WelshWitch76 certainly my guess would be that COVID affected your sleep, and with less sleep you happened to felt better, and might be spending less time in an awkward ergonomic position.

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    Sorry but I have to call this out. This is dangerous nonsense. Simple truth is certain arthritis medications make people extremely vulnerable to Covid. Arthritic pain isn't static. it comes and goes as does its severity. Your current good fortune is **** all to do with Covid. I hope no one reading this thinks catching Covid is a good idea in order to alleviate pain.

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    The missing word BTW isn't the four letter one you might think. It's three letters s-d which I didn't think would trigger a language block.