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64yrs old - still working physical labor and staying active. I eat well - sleep horribly - sometimes sore from waist up and headache. I was diag.last yr with severe neck and shoulder Arthritis. Pain is not bad at all ---buy the FATIGUE ruins daily. So happy to have discovered this site - I have never related this fatigue to Arthritis!


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    Hi @SleepingBeauty

    welcome to the online community, I am glad you found us. Fatigue can indeed be so debilitating and I can really relate to that. You might find this information useful

    Also this might be useful too

    Our members have lots of experience of living with fatigue which I am sure they can share.

    Best Wishes


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    Hi @SleepingBeauty I was diagnosed a few months ago with cervical nerve compression due to severe osteoarthritis in my neck . Like you I am suffering from chronic fatigue . Cervical arthritis can throw up all sorts of issues and chronic fatigue is one of the main affects . It was explained to me that it's because all the messages to and from your brain pass through the cervical spine. . Your brain knows there is something wrong and it's working hard to rectify it. That causes mental fatigue even though your feeling physically exhausted . Hope that makes sense . Still working out myself how to cope with fatigue it's difficult to explain to people what fatigue is . You say you sleep terrible is there something relaxing you could do a couple of hours before bed. . Sorry can't be more of a help .