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Hi I have been prescribed amytriptiline for nerve pain and have been taking 25mg for around 3 weeks. Please, has anyone got experience of this medication and can advise if they were taking this amount for pain how long it took to relieve it and whether they experienced weight gain (which I really don't want!)

Thanks very much.


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    Apologies I posted this in the wrong section!

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    Don't worry we all make mistakes I think there's a way I can 'sink' the thread I'll look into it later for you😊

    Best wishes


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    Great! Thanks a lot Ellen 😀

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    I take 30 mg for past 10 months for nerve pain. I v no problems with side effects or weight gain. I had hip injection 2 weeks ago and tried to wean off it but the pain increased so I just stay on it for now. Hope this helps.

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    That' s really reassuring to hear you've had no side effects, thanks a lot. Sorry to hear the pain has increased for you, hope you get some respite soon x