Hot weather making inflammation worse

Hi diagnosed few months ago with cervical nerve compression due to osteoarthritis in my neck . Since the heatwave finding I seem to be in more nerve pain . Wondering if anybody else experiences this just seems strange that putting heat on it eases it but the hot weather seems to worsen it


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    Hi @Coopersmam . I copy and pasted this from an athritis page hope it helps.

    Summer and arthritis explained.

    If your arthritis seems to flare up in summer, you’re not alone, and you can blame the heat and humidity. The hotter it is outside, the more your body will be susceptible to swelling. The more prone to swelling you are, the more pain you will have.

    Research shows that barometric pressure can also have some impact. The pressure changes outside can cause your joints to be more sensitive to pain. When the pressure changes, your joints will often feel tighter and stiff, creating a vicious cycle of swelling and pain.

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    I have a similar problem, everyone thinks cold weather makes joints worse but heat really makes my joints ache. I have also dread take off on planes, if the ascent is too steep I can get back pain which is so severe I nearly faint, it eases off one the plane reaches cruising height. I guessed it was atmospheric pressure but the doctor didn’t believe me.

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    I also find that this hot/humid weather we are experiencing at the moment has increased the pain and stiffness in my right knee, although it is not swollen. I was hoping the warmer weather would help with the pain, but unfortunately not for me. I am trying to rest and stay as cool as possible, but I have cut down on my exercises as it is just too hot/humid. Perhaps the physio exercises would help if I did them during the day as intended? If anyone has any thoughts about this, please can you share with us all. Thank you.

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    Humidity always sets off the joints in my legs, be it hot steamy weather or cold misty days. I find keeping my legs covered and/or keeping my feet warm helps. My calves haven't seen the light of day for decades!

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    My joint pains from osteoarthritis have worsened in the hot weather. It's useful to find out about the effect of heat on the joints.

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback I am hoping by joining this community it can help me understand things more . It was a suprise getting the diagnosis to say the least the doctor thought I had something wrong with my ears till I had a scan 🤗

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    Glad it's not just my OA joints are worse in hot weather. I once saw a documentary about a rock group and the drummer claiming to have moved to some tropical paradise for the benefit of his arthritis. Now I don't have to consider moving to any tropical paradise.

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    thanks - noticed that the low level ache in my knees and knuckle on right hand is back. Suspect that it's my joints not liking the heat. It showed me that obviously in 'normal' conditions my MTX was working as the aches had gone.

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