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Hi all, I’m new to this site and looking for advice.

I have severe arthritis in my right hip and am seeing a consultant in August re a total hip replacement.

My hip has recent got much worse and is really painful at night. Sleep is becoming rarer and rarer! My go has prescribed cocodamol for nighttimes and I took 2, last night but it didn’t touch the pain which is like a spasm/ pinching sensation which sends pain down to my knee. Can anyone relate to this and do you have any ideas I can try that have worked for you?

I’ve tried pillows between my knees, a heat pack which definitely helps for a while, Ibuleve gel and exercises but nothing is really helping at the moment.

I’m 62 we’ll in every other respect.

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @nanny_fish

    Welcome to the Online Community, thank you for posting. You are asking for help and advice for pain you have in your hip. Hopefully these links will help

    You mention that you are also seeing your consultant in August about possible hip replacement surgery, this may be worrying for you so please do check out the following hip surgery info on the VA website.

    Please also have a look at our Living with arthritis discussion where you can find other useful tips, and chat to people who are in a similar situation, and please let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes

    Helen, Admin

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    Hi, I can empathise, I had this before I had surgery. I took painkillers before bedtime take the edge off the pain for while, enough to help me drop off to sleep, but I experimented with putting cushions under various bits of my body until the hip is flexed in the most comfortable position. I tend to sleep on my stomach but found having my leg out straight painful, so I out a cushion under my affected hip and used my knee pillow under my ankle so that my joints were flexed which took the pressure off the most tender parts of my hip. Experiment and see what works for you. Tbh the pain still woke me up ta some argue most nights, but I did get more sleep this way.

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    I have OA in my lower spine L5S1 and this often radiates to pain in my hips. At night I have 2*30/500 cocodamol. I also have 20mg nortriptyline which Helps a lot more than I thought it would. This is usually enough for me but when it isn’t I can have naproxen. I also use heat pads. I have a 4” memory foam topper which helps to cushion my hips and gives me a better range of more comfortable sleep positions.

    I also exercise which makes me tired and helps me to sleep.

    Go back to your GP and discuss and try different combinations of pain killers until you find the best option for you. I think it’s trial and error.

    I hope you find something that works for you.

    Debbie ( aged 55 years)