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Long term sufferer of osteo arthritis, (two replacement hips one 20 years old, other 4 years) only just begining to feel unable to cope; gradually putting support stuff in place. e.g. changing my garden to something more manageable by me. I need to put hand rails in strategic places around steps - how do I find someone locally (High Wycombe) who (a) knows what is required and is (b) available to do it without an extensive waiting period. Any ideas?

Recent Covid bout has seemed to increase the pain and stiffness in my joints; has anyone else found this?


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    Hi @JPS

    Thanks for contacting the online community, you are very welcome

    I'm sorry to hear of the pain you are experiencing, and that you are looking for help to install some hand rails. Its probably worth contacting your Local Council and/or Adult Social Care in the first instance as they should be able to advise better for your area. I have included a link below

    You may also want to have a look at our Living with arthritis discussion where some of our members may be able to help.

    Do keep in touch

    Best wishes

    Helen, Admin

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