Avoidance but fun

Good morning… 🌞 Hope some of you are managing to get some sleep… I’ve kinda forgotten what that is! 🙈

phew🥵it’s cooled down a bit. Just got distracted decoupaging my otherwise kinda boring black golf ball joystick replacement controller for my power chair … I was sick of the black paint rubbing off!! Supposed to be doing other things but not wanting to face them yet so playing for time. It should drier clear and glossy.

If it all all goes to plan. Then things usually go wonky for me. Just wondered if anyone else had done similar and would be happy to share ?😊

And…. Is it just me ir does anyone else feel a bit like they are in Mario cart when riding winding Harris pavements in chair at speed…or maybe it’s the Wacky Racers….

see… I really should 😴 more . 🙈❤️


  • Ellen
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    That is lovely I am so impressed I hope it does much better for you that the ones which come with your chair.

    I hope you are keeping cool in this heat and drinking plenty too😊 your new 'ball' was an excellent indoor activity I think.

    Best wishes


  • frogmorton
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    Do I see some gesso in the back-ground there?

    Very impressed with your inspirational artwork @Soulsearcher169 👍️

    My neighbour would love a custom made one like yours.

    Take care

    toni xx