Losing your soul mate

Hi, grateful to be here. I have happy bittersweet tears running down my cheeks… I just got to meet my beloved beautiful dog whom I had to regime when I lost my mobility… I haven’t been able to see her for almost a year. She’s not a puppy anymore but more beautiful than I could hand imagined…, and she recognised me straight away … even though I was in a wheelchair.

She was my best friend and soulmate, I still cry every night because I miss her so much. I had to let her go because I could no longer give her the life and freedom she so deserved.. so I set her free. It hurts so deeply.

would love to hear from anyone that has faced a similar situation…. Any advice on coping much appreciated. Thankyou 🥹


  • Anna
    Anna Moderator Posts: 925

    Hi @Soulsearcher169 ,

    I haven't been in a similar situation, but I just wanted to say what a lovely photo of your beautiful dog. It must have been so hard for you to give her up, but by the look of her, she is happy and well-cared for so you can feel glad that you did the right thing - for her and for you.

    Anna (Mod)

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