Arthritis Diagnosis

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with mild Osteoarthritis back in 2015, in my left knee, when I tripped over a hoover lead. I was a cleaner at the time.

Since 2015 to now 2022 the arthritis has spread to my right knee causing, cracking, popping, clicking and pinching sensation, toes and right hand. I have spoke to my physio about this and he said it is normal. He got me to do some exercises while standing for etc - lifting each leg to the left and right, standing on my toes. Which I did once but could not do as many times as he wanted me to do, (5 times ). As I have arthritis in toes.

I keep getting told to lose weight as the pressure on the joints will be painful. I know the weight don't help but how is that suppose to help my wrists? After all I don't walk on my hands.

I saw my physio on July 7th 2022 and I did mention the cracking he said it is normal. I said for some people it's normal but not normal when cracking with every step I take. He said no it's not then said that is why we need to get the weight down to stop it spreading.

As far as I have read I know it will still spread regardless but will losing weight slow the spreading and stop the pain? Although, I know this depends on the individual.