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Hi everyone- I will now be starting on the above biologic on Monday. I have concerns but unable to speak to my rheumatologist! The other meds haven’t worked and I am now 18 months into the disease. I am worried about 1. The actual injection - does it hurt- us it best to do it yourself? 2. Does it actually work? Does anyone have any positive results or stories to help encourage me that this will be ok ? Thank you in advance 🤗🤞🏼


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    I remember this thread fairly recent you might find @SuzanneF or @KazandNoo or @isanor are still around @Janeandrews_60 they might be very happy to answer your questions

    Take care

    Toni x

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    Hi @Janeandrews_60

    After being put on sulfasalazine first and then 20mgs methotrexate and when neither worked after 9 months I was prescribed the adalimumab biosimilar Amgevita at the end of July 2021. The rheumatology clinic has still kept me on sulfasalazine and a lowered dose of methotrexate (10mgs) as they said the drugs worked in conjunction.

    1. I've never felt the injection to be sore - just slightly uncomfortable. I do it myself. I was told to use a number of areas for the injection and not use the same area every time. The booklet I was given suggests left and right thigh and left and right stomach at least 50mm from your navel so I do it rotationally and keep a record. I always ensure I have an antiseptic wipe, cotton wool and sticking plaster at hand when I do the injection as I'm also on blood thinners.
    2. Amgevita has worked well for me so far - I'm not in anywhere near the level of pain I was in previously. In June 2021 before the prescription I was admitted to hospital due to pain levels and was given morphine by injection and then orally. I think in the last six months I've only taken tablet painkillers a couple of times.

    I'm now back to walking 50-60kms per week (albeit with a limp) and I'm back cooking and driving. I'm still finding DIY and my photography hobby a challenge as I've still a few issues with my hands.

    I'm currently awaiting the results of blood tests as my rheumatologist thinks I might be starting to generate antibodies to the Amgevita - seemingly it's not that uncommon - and the drug begins to lose efficacy. If that's the case she has said she'll move me on to a different biologic. However I must stress I'm nowhere near the pain levels I was previously and if this is as good as it gets I can live with it.

    I hope things work well for you.

  • Hi - thank you for your positive feedback - I’m scared but also excited / especially if it actually works. My last blood results showed a crp of 180 ! So like you Ive been in a lot of pain. I’m hoping to get back to walking - similar distances to you. Fingers crossed . I hope you continue to stay positive and your pain stays away. This is not an easy disease to control or live with / but it helps to have this online community. Kind regards

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    Hi @Janeandrews_60

    At my worst point last year I was trying to get around on two elbow crutches - just to get to the bathroom. I couldn't close my hands or move my shoulder joints - just getting a blood pressure cuff on was agony. My blood results were complicated by the fact I also took a number of instances of pneumonia and my CRP topped out at 340. My last set of results from rheumatology back in March this year had my CRP below 1. When I started Amgevita last July a week after my second injection I could feel a difference in my joints and my ability to move. By September - two months after starting the injections - I was able to return my elbow crutches to the hospital.

    I know we are all different in how we react to medication but I hope you see the same changes I have had.

  • Hi @jamieA thank you again - you have really been in the wars - I thought 180 was high. So glad you’re feeling better and continue to do so. It’s my hands that are giving me the most trouble at the moment. So hoping this will sort them. I was wondering how long before you saw results. I was meant to be starting it tomorrow but my appointment has been cancelled so need to rearrange. Thank you for passing on your knowledge 🤗

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    Hi @Janeandrews_60

    You might want to try compression gloves for your hands. I feel they help me both from the compression they provide but also the retained warmth helps my joints. I was also given hand exercises to do as well as putty to use for some of these exercises.

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