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Has anyone had fractures I done 3 bones in my feet and still in pain

Do we heal slower ? I am on methertrexate and filigotinib have Rheumatoid


  • GillC64
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    Hi @Peonie sorry to hear about your foot.

    I'm sure someone on here may have something to share but a chat with your Rheumatology nurse could be useful. Perhaps these links will be helpful until you speak to them.

    Hope the foot mends soon

    Best wishes GillC64 and Cath100 (moderators)

  • stickywicket
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    Hi @Peonie

    I believe RA can cause broken bónes but I don't think anyone on here has ever mentioned it and I've not had it. DMARDS would probably slow the healing process though.

    Have you ever had a DXA scan to check for osteoporosis? That can definitely cause broken bones. Might it be worth asking for one?

  • Roxyco
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    I’ve broke several bones in my feet over the last few years. I’ve bone spurs and Achilles tendinosis in my left foot. I had an MRI on that foot a few months back which showed issues that have lead to this problem. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis without psoriasis being present. Blood work was mostly normal yet I’ve had both knees replaced and bone density test aren’t normal but but haven’t reach the level to be called osteoporosis. I’ve had many bang my head moments. Hang in there.