Rituximab and covid



I’ve just been given my 2nd dose of rituximab infusion for RA which I’ve had for 17 years and wasn’t told beforehand that it’s a death sentence if you catch covid. How is everyone else dealing with this as both myself and my husband feel like our lives are now over as the consultant said I can’t go on holiday, can’t go to restaurants, etc? Which also means can’t see relatives other than outdoors. All they said before I had it was that immunity would be compromised (which didn’t seem any worse than when I was on methotrexate) but from what I’ve read this week, they shouldn’t even be prescribing rituximab now due to the dangers if you get covid. 

Hope someone has some answers as total depression has set in which obviously makes the RA worse too.


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    Hi @Catkins1971 I see you have had some replies to your question on your other post. I hope you found them helpful.☺️

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    yes I did thank you. Still not dared to leave the house yet though or seen my family in 4 weeks so still quite low.

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    Oh @Catkins1971

    It's really hot weather maybe the family could come to see you outside for a bit?

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    Toni xx