Where to find Castiva

Can anyone help me find Castiva- it’s a .035% capsaicin cream and appears out of stock everywhere. I’ve tried Capsaicin HP and it’s just not the same :( thanks for all your help!


  • HelenS
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    Hi @Mags1996

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    You are seeking information on where you can find Castiva cream. As you know capsaican cream is only available on prescription from your GP. Unfortunately we are unable to recommend suppliers of alternatives and we would always advise people to be wary of purchasing over the internet, and to only buy from reputable stockists.


    Helen, Admin

  • Mags1996
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    I’m sorry, in the US it’s available over the counter and has been for several years. Just Castiva is the only one that contains capsaicin and castor oil, which I think makes the biggest difference between it and others I’ve tried. It was available at drug stores, then they stopped restocking, and haven’t been able to find it online since December :(