Struggling for diagnosis. Any advice?

Hi everyone,

I´m a 38 yo male and would like to ask for advice as I´m starting to get a bit desperate! Around two years ago I started to notice the first minor symptoms of what seems to be some sort of arthritis or other similar illness.

Around 4-5 months ago, and during some stressful circumstances and some weeks with poor sleep and diet, I had my first serious flare and everything has been quickly getting worse since then. Thankfully I shortly discovered that food was related to my flares, so I have have been slowly restricting my diet a lot, which is helping keeping symptoms milder and the pain is not too bad for now.

I have been to three doctors already, they have done all kind of tests (blood tests, bone scintigraphy scan, etc) all came negative. They all have been skeptical and say they can not see anything wrong. At the moment I´m dealing with the skepticism of most people around me and even some roasting of a certain family member who believes it is all in my head. It´s a bit frustrating, but I know there is something wrong with me, and it is certainly not in my head. I have simply stopped talking about my symptoms with people to avoid these situations, but I´m determined to get a medical diagnosis.

For those of you that have had gone through something similar, could you please let me know what helped you getting a diagnosis? I was thinking to try to find a doctor who is willing to start testing meds on me ASAP, despite testing negative.

Finally if someone from the UK or Spain can recommend an open minded doctor in any of these two countries, it would be of great help!

Thank you!!


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    Hello @Tite003

    Welcome to the online community and thank you for joining us.

    So you are a 38 year old male who started to develop symptoms 2 years ago. 6 months ago during a stressful period in your life you experienced your first flare up, which you also thought was connected to your diet. You have seen 3 doctors put have had no diagnosis and you feel frustrated because you are not getting any help and are having to deal with it all on your own. Your family give you the impression that it is all in your head so you have stopped talking about it all with them. You are determined to get a medical diagnosis and are looking for other members experience and advice on this. Has anyone else experienced something similar and if so, what did they do? Your also looking for recommendations for open minded doctors.

    It sounds like you have a horrible experience but hopefully now that you are a member of the community you will get the help and support that you need. With regards to the doctors you have seen, were they all GP's or consultants? I think its unusual to see so many medical practitioners and not get a diagnosis especially when you have symptoms, so I really don't understand that. I'm sure once other members have read your post they will have plenty of advice to offer you as well.

    I've attached a few links below that I think may be of use to you. Please do have a look when you get a chance and I hope that they are helpful to you.

    The last link is to our helpline details in case you feel like you would like to talk to someone, especially since you mentioned that you no longer feel like you can talk to your family about what you are going through.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on and if we can help any further. Like I said above, I'm sure the other members will be full of helpful suggestions for you. Please do also continue to stay involved in the online community. We are a friendly bunch and are always looking to make new friends.

    Take care

    Anne (Moderator)

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    Hi@Tite003 I have had similar issues with GP since before COVID started was basically getting fobbed off with it being stress anxiety etc. You don't say if you have seen any specialists yet. You know your own body and that something is not right. My advice would keep making appointments and telling them the same thing over and over eventually somebody will listen hopefully . Good luck