Remission from sero positive RA

I have been in remission now for 14mnths using Dr Thomas McPherson Browns antibiotic therapy found at Roadback .org ,I take 100mg minocycline mon,wed,fri my rheumatologist is quite happy about it and has prescribed it before . Its becoming evident now that mycoplasma are implicated in auto immune disease and I had no intention of taking the conventional dmards or biologics its working great for me


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    Hi there.

    With this sort of post I usually find myself explaining that spóntaneous remission can occur with or without meds as it di several times for me in my early RA years.. I then check out the doc mentioned and usually discover a charlatan on the make.

    However, this chap seems to have been totally genuine and there are pubmed reviews praising antibiotic use in the treatment of RA.

    However, there are other saying antibios can actually be a cause I'm not sure I believe the latter. I'd need to go into it more. My theory would be that it was the infection (which required antibios) that caused the RA but I presume the research took that into account.

    There is still much to be learnt.

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    Antibiotics can be a problem but the antibiotics used in AP are tetracyclines which work differently from penicillin etc if you look up www. or the Facebook page of the same it will explain a lot or read my bible of RA