Is it just me, or is anyone else finding it almost impossible to contact them? Yes, they have a phone number, which they never seem to answer. They’re always “ experiencing lots of calls and will answer as soon as they can”. Many times I’ve been holding for more than 40 mins and then just hung up in frustration. Their contact form doesn’t actually allow you to contact them, it’s just a bunch of FAQs which don’t address my query and which eventually advises me to phone. !. No email address either. I’ve texted them on the number they send my delivery notification from, guess what, message fails to send.

As HAH, they phone to tell me about my delivery and asked if I needed a sharps bin. Now, they text to tell me my delivery date but there is no way I can ask for a sharps bin. Previously, I accepted the delivery & asked for one, but been told you have to order one. Well how do I do that? They then post one out, but that’s wasting money, it seems logical to deliver with my injections.

Rant over, but does anyone have a solution?