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I had a call from the Health assessment advisory service as I have been sending sick notes into Universal Credit since October 2021. My assessment was done over the phone . 5 days later Universal Credit inform me I am fit for work. I asked for a copy of the assessors report and it has arrived today and I'm quite shocked by it. There are statements on the report about things I was not asked about, things like lifting and reaching. Then there are comments saying I have never fallen when I told the assessor I recently fell getting out of the bath and I have photos as proof. She states I cook my meals in a microwave. I didn't say that and I don't own a microwave. She said I can hold a kettle to fill it but I told her I don't have a kettle and have a hot water maker that stays on the stand and I fill it with bottled water . She said I shower but I told her I don't own a shower, just a bath. She comments about me driving ..I don't have a car or a driving licence . She also reported that i'm not awaiting any further treatment or investigations but I told her I was having another mri today on my neck and physio treatment.

This is all a bit frustrating. I don't feel I can appeal the decision with dwp as the decision maker based their decision on the assessment report. How do I go about complaining ?


  • Hi Loubie,

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    We are so sorry to hear about your recent experience with the health assessment advisory service, it is understandable that upon reading the report how frustrating it was especially when the report differed from what you said in the conversation. 

    Would it be possible to contact the health assessment services again and ask for a face-to-face assessment to be carried out rather than over the telephone so that you can go over again how your condition affects your day-to-day life, in that way you will be able to see what is written on the report and happy with the information that you have given and that it is correct.

    Alternatively, you could contact the Citizens Advice who are trained in all aspects of benefit help and I’m sure they will be able to help you to take the complaint further.


    Best wishes


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