Capsaicin and exercise

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Hi Helen

I regularly go to the gym and have used the cream before, however the doctors are reluctant to issue due to cost now.



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    Hi @Stelle71

    Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties obtaining it especially if it was useful for you. Great that you regularly go to the gym as this will really benefit your arthritis.

    Perhaps you could ask the GP practice manager if there is a policy around this or ask to see a different GP too to see if it is practice wide. That is a real shame though especially if it was something you found worked.

    You might want to ask the GP about other painkillers or NSAIDs that could help from our info

    or have a look at other options around managing your symptoms from our section on osteoarthritis of the knee

    It may be that other people on the community will share if they also have had the same problems which could be useful to know perhaps.

    Also hope you find us a welcoming and supportive community.

    Thanks for your message

    Cath100 (Moderator)

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    That's awful!

    I'd do exactly what Cath suggested and ask your practice manager why. Can it be had another way? I know it is not available over the counter but maybe the surgery would let you have a private prescription??

    I'm not sure exactly how it works but it does cost I know that.

    Such a shame when it works for you and surely they want you exercising!

    Toni x

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    Hi @Stelle71

    If that's the reason they gave for not prescribing capsaicin cream I think you should take this further because that's a complete nonsence. according to the NHS NICE website the cost is £17.71 for the lower strength 0.025% and £14.58 for the higher strength 0.075% for a 45gm tube. There has been an issue since the start of this year with the production of this cream in the UK but the higher strength has certainly become available again as I have had two prescriptions of it in the last couple of months.

    The higher strength is quite strong so I dilute it in coconut oil on a 2:1 ratio. I feel it's helped me considerably as I haven't had the need to resort to painkillers for quite a while now.