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Hi I'm new.

I have osteoarthritis in my left knee(moderate),

I was referred for an orthopedic assessment following an x-ray last year.

I was seen back in April of this year.

I was examined and then told steroids were pointless,

I was asked about medication I take and at that point it was working.

He remarked on my weight which I know is an issue,he then discharged me and that was that.

The osteoarthritis in my knee is driving me nuts,

I also lost a fifth of my shin on that leg so have nerve damage too.

The medication prescribed last year is no longer working,

my other knee is now very painful ,

a decent night's sleep is a distant memory.

I am trying to lose weight but lack of sleep and pain is making me comfort eat.

I am wary of going back to my GP, especially having been discharged with no follow up plan other than lose weight.

I know it's my responsibility to lose weight,

but I feel very much on my own with this.


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