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I have watched the exercises for lower back on the versus arthritis website and they are similar to those I do for pilates. I have recently injured my lower back - it seizes and spasms. I would like to know which of these exercises will NOT aggravate my lower back please as some quite clearly do when I attempt them. I cannot lie on my stomach or lie on my back and raise my legs for example. And my back spasms again when I get up off the floor from lying on my back. How do I do this manoeuvre without straining my back please? The video doesn’t show this - the participants just miraculously appear standing without how they got there from the floor! Thank you


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    Hello @JaneSueRuth welcome to the online community,

    We are really pleased to read that you have already found the online stretching videos. They have proved to be very popular among our members.

    You have recently injured your back and are wondering how you can follow some of the exercises given the pain that back spasms leave you with when trying to get up from the floor. This is not a question I can answer in any detail since I am not a physiotherapist. Would your Pilates instructor be able to advise you? Or a sports therapist?

    Our members have such varied experience and skills that I hope someone will be able to advise you. Meanwhile have you thought of trying to exercise in a pool where the water supports you and you don't have the problem of painful struggles of re-standing.

    We are glad you found us and hope that you have a chance to browse round the different areas of the community and join in with us again soon.

    Take care


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    Hi @JaneSueRuth ,

    I have just had a chat with one of our team and she suggests that maybe you start with seated exercises first and then some gentle standing ones . We all get frustrated trying to do too much too quickly so maybe a gentler pace will give your back more time to heal without aggravating it into spasms.


  • Hello Poppyjane

    thank you for getting back to me. I had thought you might refer me to a physiotherapist. My GP had told me my problems were all down to my age (I am 70) and to look on your website for the exercises to do. I was sceptical as he didn’t explore the problem with my back or provide specific exercises….it was all age related I’m disappointed to say.

    I am happy you have confirmed my thinking and will follow your advice.

    many best wishes JaneSueRuth