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Hi so I have had my knee alignment operation and the other day after waiting 10 weeks😯to see the consultant he said casually to me you don't need to wear your knee brace in the house anymore and I still have to build up my leg muscles ( put it this way my leg did look like a chicken drumstick)😁I was happy that I didn't have to wear the brace but wow was I wrong to dismiss it so quickly when I went to bed the first time with no brace the pain was horrendous it was like some one pulling it because it had nothing to hold it in place and going round the house you feel more vulnerable as there's no protection around it Going out the house it's wearing brace thank goodness

Has anyone else had this experience or the operation I had?


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    what was your surgery? Osteotomy?

    i feel your pain this was me about a month ago when I had a Knee Joint Distraction surgery and had my external fixator frame removed - i kept waking up in agony through the night gasping with the searing pain. i noticed it did get easier with each week that passed and your muscles will hopefully remember their job soon. They will need to get used to the new alignment and will feel weird. My phsyio described my pain being due to my brain trying to get used to the the knee’s altered biofeedback in its new position and reassured me I wasn’t going to damage myself further by moving it. It was agony though and I cried my way through mobilising and strengthening exercises and swore a lot, still do!. I have to say, despite feeling vulnerable in my house aboiut my non fixated knee, it was a relief to get the cage off and screws out of my shin and thigh bones. My progress is slow but I’m hoping the surgery helped - althogh won’t know for a while yet.

    best of luck with your recovery @stacey1977

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