Hi… new, a bit low and digging deep ( as you do)!

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I’m new here too and have OA in multiple places, some of it severe. Posting this is hard as I just don’t know where to start- my story is too big and currently overwhelming to tell right now. I try to be a positive person but talking out loud about my situation is tough for me. It’s good to have VA charity to find people with similar issues in common so they understand how it is. Knowing you’re not alone can be so grounding.

One of the major contributing factors to my poor wellbeing is that I’m currently in the middle of completing my PIP form and oh my days - it’s so emotional to look at how things have become and how much support I need. I should have applied a long while ago but am not good at taking care of myself.

Ive endured 4 in the last year on my knees alone to avoid Knee replacements “too soon” that would cause me to require revision. surgery in my 70s! I’m so frustrated by my pain, limitations and the effect on my quality of my life … . It try to remember others have it much worse but find It’s so tough looki at where I am now . I was reckless with my high impact adventure sports and careers that my body’s joints are wearing out too soon… thank goodness I had a lot of fun!

IM ALSO DISTRACTABLE… I was here looking for PIP advice and now I’m saying hi 😆


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    Hi @RooD

    Welcome to the online community,so glad you have found us and even though you were looking for advice on PIP its great to talk too.

    You say that you have Osteoarthritis and find it hard to tell your story as we all have when we first contacted others with Arthritis.I too have Osteoarthritis but have had to have 2 knee replacements and 1 hip replacement all of them done over the last 8 years i am now 75years and where i have replacements pain free,but not else where.Pain is very tiring but as you say talking to others helps so much knowing the know what you are going through ,i understand what you are going through and so does everyone on he forums,like you i try to stay uplifted and positive.By the way i never did high impact sports just nursing was a contributary factor .

    Here is a link for PIP

    here is a link for pain management.

    Hope all this helps in some way.Do go on to our forums you will be most welcomed and please keep in touch and tell us how you are getting on.

    All the best Christine

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    Thank you Christine 😊

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    Well done you @RooD

    an intro is an excellent place to start.

    It s wonderful that you have been so active and done so much already. Never fear though there are many years of adventure ahead of you yet 😉 You have not 'caused' your OA it's just bad luck/genetics of a bit of both.

    Ah yes though the PIP form would depress any of us🙄 I am a very upbeat person (I think anyway!) and know just how upsetting they can be. It seems so negative, but remember the extra cash is there to help you regain skills and activities that you struggle with now.

    Come on in and join us we are a friendly group.

    Take care

    Toni xx

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