thumb pain

can anyone help me please. I have severe pain in my thumb joints at the moment...thel base and the middle joints. I was thinking of splinting it but im unsure what are the best ones....any ideas


  • Cath100
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    Hi @rosie159

    Thank you for your message about your thumb pain and other hand pain- this can't be at all nice for you to say the least!

    Generally speaking splints although can be helpful are best given by a hand therapist as there can be lots of different ones available and it is important to get the right fit. Is it osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis that is causing it do you know? If you are unsure do just check this with the GP too ( sorry if you do know) . You can also try application of heat or ice covered and put on the area and perhaps although really counterintuitive you might find doing gentle exercises helpful too.

    You could ask to get a referral to a hand therapist either from your GP or you rheumatologist, you can find out more here about hand therapists

    You can also find out more here about splints

    Hope that you find something suitable and get some relief too .

    Thankyou for your message and best wishes



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    Hello @rosie159 I have arthritis in both my hands and predominantly my thumbs. I have co-codomol to take if needed (mostly at night as it stops me sleeping sometimes) but the doctor also prescribed a cream made from chillies, see link below

    Capsaicin | Uses, side-effects | Versus Arthritis

    This does provide some temporary relief but be very careful not to get it or your hands near your mouth or eyes. You will know it's made of chillies! Best wishes

  • rosie159
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    following on for any motorbike riders or cyclists even i have been wearing compression fingerless gloves under my motorbike gloves and they are great very little pain during ruding and afterwards...finally found something that helps! I bought them on ebay for a few quid def worth it!

  • Filbert
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    I’ve just bought a pair of “arthritis gloves” from Boots. Initial experience is positive. Not cheap (£22).

  • rosie159
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    mine were £5 off ebay!

  • Skyedogz
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    @rosie159 Thanks for this tip. I may need to buy bigger gloves to fit something underneath but worth a try.

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    Hi @Skyedogz , I notice that this is your first post - welcome to the online community! I'm glad you're finding the tips from our members useful, and hope you continue to do so.

    Why don't you post a bit more about yourself in the Say Hello forum - I'm sure you'll be made welcome.

    Best wishes,

    Anna (Moderator)

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