Side effects methotrexate

Have been taking MTX since 2019 for RA, had to start course steroids for flare up PMR in Feb 22. Since then have noticed increased hair loss when brushing. Anyone else had same problem, did it slow/resolve once steroids out of system ? Thank you for any suggestions


  • Lucyev
    Lucyev Member Posts: 4

    Heya just a quick question - have you had covid at all? I found my hair is only now in August stopping to fall out as much after having it back in January - it could possibly be a side effect of that? But of course, I'm not doctor just going off my own experience of being on the same medication.

  • Escoufle
    Escoufle Member Posts: 7

    hello, no I have not had covid, but I did have a stress induced flare up of PMR (Which is what triggered initial onset of RA) in March. This necessitated a course of steroids, which dosage I gradually tapered down until finishing mid August, and for the first time, I noticed an impact on my hair, due to the combination of MTX and steroids. Increased loss of hair when brushing, and formerly thick, glossy hair has gone a bit lifeless and lost its bounce. I have read that hair growth should improve over the year following end of steroid course, so am living in hope