Heat and massage


does anyone use heat and or massage tools, and do they help.

many thanks



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    Hi @Junie I often use a hot water bottle on a painful joint. I have recently bought a massage gun. It comes with different head attachments and there r different speed or intensity settings. The gun is great for soft tissue massage. Be careful not to go over any bones with the gun as it will bounce quite forcefully and can hurt. U can use the gun on yourself to an extent. Hard to reach places such as your back is better to ask someone to give u a hand. I used to use hand held massage tools and oil, but my hands and fingers quickly became sore and tired from holding them. Hope this helps 👍

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    If it's for OA then yes I really think some heat helps @Junie I swear by my warm microwavable wheat bags.

    I have about 7 of them and they really help sore joints. I don't know the theory but I think the heat soothes and maybe blocks pain signals to the brain even increases oxygen flow possibly? I even have one behind my back as I am replying!

    Massaging in a pain relief gel also helps - best done by someone else if possible, but if you have no willing or able helper you might be thinking of those massage machines. I bought a massage gun online it was far too vicious best read reviews and avoid any that include sports massage in the title.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

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    Hi Dodgyknees

    thanks so much for your help


  • Junie
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    Hi Toni

    many thanks, will look into the massage guns.


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    I have had widespread OA for many years and found, early on my arthritis journey, that massage can be very soothing. This encouraged me to buy a massage gun about two years ago, which I can use it on myself when needed so don't need to recruit anyone else. It was purchased online, was not among the most expensive and has a range of settings from quite gentle to more vigorous - but it may still be too powerful for some people. (My rationale was that if it worked I could then consider a more sophisticated model. but I have stuck with the original.)

    In my first 40 active years I was extremely 'sporty' and built up more muscle bulk than average so am aware of times when muscle groups need attention. As suggested by DODGYKNEES, I restrict use of the fascia/massage gun to those muscles that have 'tightened' (or are threatening to spasm) in response to affected joints, making them tender on pressure and aching or sore. Like heat this helps with muscle relaxation so may be worth trying as a supplementary therapy. Like most 'treatments' for OA the effects are not long-term and it's a matter of trial and error to discover what works for any individual so if you can borrow and try before purchase that might be useful.

    I can say that the gun has been helpful in keeping sciatica to a minimum - not totally preventing it but definitely reducing the severity of a recent attack. Don't expect miracles but if you decide to try one I hope it is effective for you to some degree.