Osteotomy to correct inward rotation following left total hip replacement

Good morning

I had a total left hip replacement for OA on 1 March 2022. At my six week review all appeared well and I was discharged. Within a couple of weeks of my review I noticed, as did other people, that’s my leg would no longer straighten and that it was rotating inwards causing me to have knock knees.

Last week (11th August) I was seen by a second orthopaedic surgeon with a view to having a left-sided knee replacement, again for OA. He arranged for further imaging of my pelvis and both knees. He advised that there was nothing wrong with my left hip replacement and that the OA of my left knee was the cause of the rotation. He informed me that the only way that this could be corrected would be to undergo a left femoral osteotomy just above the knee. It is not a procedure the surgeon would perform and he advised me that if I wish to go ahead he would try to find a surgeon who could undertake this work.

I don’t understand how the OA of my left knee has suddenly caused this rotation at all. I would therefore really appreciate any information or advice that you might be able to provide me with to help me make an informed choice.

Many thanks