Covid, Imraldi and Anti viral meds

Hi all

So, I started Imraldi 6 weeks ago and now have covid. After successfully avoiding it for 2 years, my dear husband has given it to me! He has escaped with just a slight cold while I was knocked for six, felt pretty awful with shivers, stabbing pains, aches, headache, upset tummy. However, I contacted my rheumy team, who couriered Paxlovid (antivirals) to me and within 24 hours I feel tons better. Can’t believe how well I now feel. It’s early days, I’m only on day 3 of having covid but want to reassure you all, these antivirals have worked wonders for me so far.

I was lucky in that I was due to have my next Imraldi injection the day after my husband tested positive, so I didn’t have my next jab. I have been told not to restart until I have several days negative tests and feel totally ok.

So my message is, if you catch covid, don’t panic, get onto your rheumy team or GP and get the antivirals asap.

Keep well everyone.


  • stickywicket
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    That's such a kind, thoughtful, reassuring post. Made while you still have covid, albeit more mildly than before. Thank you, @Scrummycake . I feel more optimistic for reading that and I'm sure others will too.

    Now, carry on recovering. And make sure your husband spoils you!

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  • Scrummycake
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    Aww, thank you stickywicket

    I just wanted to reassure others as I have literally spent the last 2 years being terrified of catching covid and thought I’d freak out when I finally got a positive test! Especially as I am not fully vaccinated - bad reaction to AZ, took 8 months for the medics to agree to me having Pfizer as my second dose and my rheumy consultant agreed both jabs sent me into a bad flare, hence starting Imraldi.

    Incidentally hubby only had a very faint red line, but I had a thick red line within a minute of the test so guess I had a much higher viral load than him.

    Final point - us clinically vulnerable peeps are eligible for free LFTs as the NHS will only accept a positive result if it is with one of the NHS tests. And without a legitimate positive test you won’t get your antiviral meds.