Hello I have just joined

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Hi, I have just joined and wondered if others felt similar to me, also getting tips, ideas and not feeling so alone is why I have just signed up.


  • Chris_R
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    Hi @MandyLou

    Welcome to the online community,its great you have contacted us.you say you want tips and ideas but have not told us what arthritis you have it would be good to tell us about your arthrtis journey as it helps everyone to chat with advice and support.Everyone on the forums have different forms of arthritis and so understand what you are going through.

    Please keep in contact and tell us how you get on also do chat to others on our forums it often help to talk to others .All the best Christine

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  • Baloo
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    Hi @MandyLou yes, there are community members with some huge experience of Arthritis topics if you happen to share something specific, or you can search for a topic. Im aching all over and it seems to be a little worse since catching COVID. I have been stuck at home for a couple of weeks, and even the heat seems to be draining.