Insoles: Customised or off the shelf?

Hi everyone

I have had RA for about 17 years and am booked to do the West Highland Way next year. I started training properly a few months ago and now just gathering up all the kit I will need.

Just looking for some advice on insoles for walking boots. There's a lot to choose from and wondered if anyone had any pearls of wisdom to share before I buy.Thank you.


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    If you've had RA for 17 years and can still contemplate doing The West Highland Way you must have been doing something very right for those 17 years. I hesitate to advise as I've been in surgical shoes for about 50 years and I'm sure I wouldn't be walking at all without them. But.......

    .......I'd say give your feet the best you can get. Definitely customised and preferably by a firm that really knows what they're doing. Remember decent insoles go with the footwear they're to be used with not just the feet.

    I know someone on here recently said their physio had recommended a chain called Shuropody. They look interesting but I'm sure others are available.

    Enjoy the beautiful walking.

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    Hi @Carolyngee

    I admire your determination - it's quite a challenge. I live only a few kilometers from it's start - though there is now a walking route out from Glasgow city centre that a lot of people add on to it that passes only a kilometer from my house. I've walked parts of it but only 5-6kms at a time. Best of luck.

    I saw a podiatrist last year who specialised in rheumatology patients as I was getting pain in the balls of my heels as well as metatarsalgia. She prescribed insoles from a company called Healthy Step. They are called X-Line pressure perfect and they are really comfortable - though are expensive at £27 a pair. They worked well for my heels but unfortunately they caused me to underpronate(supinate) and I quickly wore down the outer sole areas of my Brasher walking shoes - I'm walking 50-60kms a week and in 3 months I had little tread left on the outer parts of the soles. I then had a telephone consultation with an orthotics specialist and happened to mention this. She told me to stop using the insoles as they were obviously over compensating at the arch of my foot and maybe try gelled heel inserts which I now use and the pain in my heels has gone.

    The podiatrist told me I should try to always buy shoes that have removable insoles to allow for the replacement by medical insoles. She also suggested shoes with a carbon fibre plate - as in those high end running shoes that have caused long distance running times to drop significantly.

    Best of luck with your challenge - oh and take plenty of midge repellant if you are going in summer!

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    Hi there Carolyngee

    I have psoriatic arthritis which started in hands and wrists (under control at the moment with meds)but a few months ago this started affecting me by means of achilles tendonitis. A friend who has plantar fasciitis said she had been getting relief from Footactive insoles so I had a look on their website and they have a range of different insoles for different conditions(I've got the Comfort ones for my work boots and the Sport ones for my walking shoes,although ai have to say an hour or so's walk is enough for me these days! You just take out the insoles that are already in your shoes and put these in. There's a range of sizes so I found I didn't even need to cut mine down. They have helped me to do a lot more without pain,but I still have limits. Hope this helps and hope you find something that works for you.

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    Please note that there are other products available out there as well which do a similar job

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    Yes,of course, I'm sorry, I was only explaining what had helped me and they may not help everyone. I hope that Carolyngee finds what helps her,either from any of us or someone else completely,podiatrist physio etc.

  • I was going to go to shuropody last weekend but thought I would ask on here first....thank you for your advice x

  • Thank you....I stay in Kirkintilloch so not too far from Milngavie. I've previously walked the first day to Drymen and done Conic Hill, Benn A'an etc so hopefully with some more training and the proper footwear we will manage it!!I have xline insoles just now which have been fine but just want to give my feet the best chance to survive lol

    I like to go camping so always have plenty of smidge to hand. Thanks again x

  • Thank you, this gives me another option to look at. I really appreciate your help, I find it much better to go on a recommendation rather than just try something blindly x

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    I have bought ready mades many times none of which have really helped significantly so this Friday i am going to podiatry for some made just for me fingers crossed.

    How have you got on @Carolyngee ?

    Toni x