Ultra sound guided Cortsteriod injection in ankle

Peawhips Member Posts: 17

Hi just had a ultrasound guidec cortsteriod injection in my ankle. Was told to look out for infection and it might be painful for a day or two. Tqhqey put an adhesive dressing on but didn't tell how long do i keep it on. I was wondering if anyone can help me


  • Lilymary
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    My understanding is that the plaster's just there to stop the injection site bleeding while you're on your way home, so if You reckon it should have healed up by now, you could take it off. I think I took mine off within a day or two when I had my hip injected. While they say "rest for a day or two", the steroid will still be working on the inflammation in your ankle, so don't overdo it for a while. My hip was fairly grumpy about it and it was a week or so before I was up to my usual shenanigans.

  • Peawhips
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    It hasn't help it just made my ankle seize up more and aggravated my plantar fisuitus even more