Two weekly blood tests

I have just started on methotrexate and been prescribed steroid tablets while the methotrexate kicks in. What are the blood tests testing for ?

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    Hi @Gillyd62

    When you first start treatment, you'll have a check-up and blood tests every 1 to 2 weeks. This is to check if the methotrexate is working and if it's causing any side effects. Your doctor may increase or decrease your methotrexate dose, depending on the results of your tests.

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    The two week blood tests are always done when we start on Methotrexate (MTX) to make sure our bodies are coping with the new medication. Jona has explained very well.

    This is worth a quick read:

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    The blood tests include liver function - making sure your liver is managing the drug (the liver clears the drug from the system) and making sure your blood has the right balance of white and red cells during the treatment. Also they will be monitoring your arthritis. The reason for using a drug like Methotrexate is to get your inflammatory levels down (which is done little by little over time). So the rheumatology team can talk to you about how your inflammatory levels looked when you first were referred to them and the goal which they are aiming for - long-term - with your treatment. It can be a very helpful part of your self-management skills to become more aware about what the goal is in using this treatment. If you've not been told some of this detail yet, do encourage them to explain this.

    Methotrexate | Side-effects, uses, time to work (

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