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I live in Stratford on Avon and, of course, go to the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre a lot! But with hip OA now worsening, sitting still in one position is getting harder, and the need to adjust, stretch and generally fidget is not really something that is acceptable in the middle of dramatic speeches!

Last month I saw Richard III, which has a long fiirst half and it just proved too painful, so in the interval I asked an usher if there was any other seating available and explained my problem.

I was given a seat in the back row of the Stalls, which are narrower than usual and also higher off the ground, and with a rail in front. Perhaps more like a cushioned stool. It was perfect as I could semi-stand, lean forward and stretch and adjust as I needed without affecting anybody else.

I have since discovered these narrow, tall seats are not that popular, so have been easily able to book one for another production knowing I will be able to manage.

Maybe there are similar options where you live in theatres, concert halls, cinemas, etc. Definitely worth asking!


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    Shows it is always worth asking😀 Glad you could get comfortable and enjoy the play

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    I totally agree and thanks for posting this. Many venues are really helpful. A local, fairly small theatre once fitted in, for a pantomime, not only me in a wheelchair but also sbout six other family members all of us seated together. As you say, definitely worth an ask.

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