Newly diagnosed

Hi, l finally saw a rheumatologist today & he thinks l have osteoarthritis. My arches have fallen in both feet so l need to see a podiatrist & need physio. My neck movements are limited, l have nodules on my fingers & most joints are painful, everyday.

I'm having xrays on my hands & a full blood screening on Monday.

At least l have some answers now , l thought l was going mad at times.



  • Azzak
    Azzak Member Posts: 9

    Hi Lisa

    I was 2007 Osteoarthritis diagnosed and recently RA, had bloods done yesterday and waiting for referral to clinic.

    I'm glad that you know that you are not going mad, how many times do we just brush off the aches and pains and put it down to day to day things or age.

    Hugs, stay strong.


  • Lisa1973
    Lisa1973 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks Kaz , l think sometimes people don't take your pain seriously either, just brush it off . Some days it's a struggle to move .