Any help advise

I have inflammatory arthritis and recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis I am struggling to work due to pain, I just feel so low


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    Hi @Pippa76

    You don't say what work you do, but it may be that your employer can look at moving you to something less physical? I know that is not always possible of course.

    Take a look at this while you wait for someone to come along to chat:

    If you are wondering about giving up work financially this might also be worth a read:

    Feeling low with a long term condition like Arthritis is so 'normal' Pippa maybe you'd find it helpful to talk through your options with one of our helpline advisors?

    My very best wishes


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    Morning @Pippa76

    I don't know what work you do sorry if you have said and I've forgotten. I hope there is the possibility of staying in work if your employer can move you or help you in any way. Work is so good for us mentally I always think, but not if it's too much physically.

    It might be that you can manage financially without working some of us have felt a huge burden lifted when we stopped working, but all of our circumstances are different. For me work was a big part of my identity and I missed my colleagues and the status you get as employed. Since then though I have found some voluntary work to do and help out at our family business from time to time, but only within my own limits. Nowhere near retirement age yet.

    Read those articles Ellen has posted and have a think chat it over here with us lot if it helps. If you feel really low I would definitely give the helpline a call I have many years ago and they were just lovely. In fact I still well-up thinking about how kind they were to the wreck who rang up and bawled😉

    Anyway keep posting we are all in this together Pippa.

    Take care

    Toni xx

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    Hello @Pippa76 you could also have a look at the following

    Best wishes