bone taking longer to heal

My question it might sound strange but I recently had a knee alignment surgery well May 24th and yes everyone thought I would be up and running by now! I had a consultant appointment and he was surprised that my bone still had not fused to the plate and my leg still looked like a chicken bone I do all the exercises the physio sets and on a regular basis so my question is and it may sound crazy but

Does being a coeliac has that affected my bones ability to fuse and muscle to not develop?

Sorry if it sounds a stupid question but I don't know anyone else who can answer without thinking i'm crazy


  • Hi@stacey1977

    Thanks for your post to the Helpline. Apart from your knee problem do you have any arthritis conditions diagnosed? Coeliac is an inflammatory condition ( but it's not our area). Do you have any other inflammatory arthritis conditions? If you do, then you might want to talk to a specialist to see if there may be anything that might be relevant. If an inflammatory condition is flared up, then someone medically qualified may need to hear your concern.

    I've heard of undiagnosed Coeliac having a connection with bones, but once you are avoiding gluten you'd hope that the inflammatory process might be less of a concern. So you'd need to discuss the Coeliac idea with either a specialist organisation or a healthcare professional.

    I'm sorry not to be able to suggest more. However if you do have an arthritis condition why not ring us at the Helpline, so we can talk to you about further options.

    Coeliac disease - NHS (

    All the best

    Guy - Helpline Team