Melatonin & inflammatory arthritis


I was only recently diagnosed with arthritis a few months ago and they haven’t decided which one it could be but they know it’s my immune system attacking that’s caused it and I’m taking salazopyrin daily to slow it down.

My GP recently gave me melatonin tablets to help my long term insomnia but when I read the leaflet it advised not to take with autoimmune disorders. My GP can be a hopeless on medications and Interactions. So I was wondering if anyone could give me advice I looked it up but so many website had different opinions on If it would affect the arthritis some say it’s fine and can help others say don’t it will make things worse. Just if I needed phone my dr I want to make sure I have my facts correct. So I’m not wasting his time and so he can look up the issues if he didn’t know about.


  • Sharon_K
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    Hello @JusticeLion

    welcome to the online community it is lovely to have you here. Being prescribed medication by your GP means that you really need to discuss this with them. We are not medically trained and cannot advise you. If you don’t have confidence in your G P you might consider speaking to another Dr in the practice or moving to a new GP. This is always a difficult decision.

    I am sure our other community members will share their experience with you

    Best Wishes


  • Ellen
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    Or if you can't get hold of a GP pharmacists know so much about medications and interactions @JusticeLion

    Best of luck


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