Evusheld 'latest'

About a month ago Mr SW contacted our local M.P. asking if he could do something to expedite the prescription of Evusheld for immuunocompromised patients. The M.P. duly contacted the Dept. of Health and Social Care(less?) and here are a few quotes from the long reply.

"The expert panel that advises the Government has made it clear that there is insufficient evidence available at this time to support procurement and deployment of Evusheld through emergency procedures."

"A full range of evidence has been considered, including clinical trial data, in vitro analysis and emerging observational studies. The analysis of this evidence will be published in due course."

"Evusheld is not necessary for those patients who have a protective antibody response to COVID-19 vaccination. In order to understand better who within this group mounts a vaccine response, we are exploring the possibility of piloting a programme to test antibody levels in immunosuppressed patients."

"The Chief Medical Officer is content that the correct process for providing clinical advice has been followed and agrees that Evusheld should now be appraised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence"

"Further information on COVID-19 treatments, including monoclonal antibody and antiviral treatments, can be found at www.cas.mhra.gov.uk/help/coronavirusalerts.aspx. "

Evusheld is manufactured in UK by Astra Zeneca and, as of November 2021, was available in 34 countries. Basically I guess they are putting off the expense of providing it by every means possible. Not everyone agrees https://nras.org.uk/2022/08/01/evusheld-update-july/

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