Sudden Hip Pain

Hi All,

I think I may have arthritis in my left hip. I have been putting more weight on it for a while due to having arthritis in my right foot. I have been taking pain killers since it flared up and am seeing a physiotherapist next week. I hope to contact my GP too to see if I can get an X-ray if my hip to see what is going on.

I am finding going up stairs difficult and also putting my foot down on the clutch in the car. Do other hip sufferers manage to drive or do they resort to driving an automatic? Any responses would be very helpful.

Thank you.


  • SharminB
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    Hi @Cathy68,

    Welcome and thank you for joining our online community :)

    Joint pain can be difficult, but glad to hear you've already planned to get in touch with your GP to ask for an x-ray. As you've said, this could be helpful to find out what is causing the issue with your hip. You also mentioned difficulty going up the stairs and using the clutch in your car. A referral to an occupational therapist may be helpful to explore some support for this. You can ask your GP about this too. You may also find it helpful to have a look and write in our Living with arthritis forum to get a bit more information from others. You may also find the links below useful to read in the meantime.

    Please do feel free to keep us posted on how you're getting on :)

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  • Cathy68
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    Thank you Sharmin for your speedy reply. I think the pain could be arthritis as it fits in with what I know about my body! However, the X Ray will be very useful. It is rather daunting to say the least to think that this could well be a long term condition which I now have to manage but I am already finding the exercises on this website very useful although I think I have been going at them like a bull in a china shop hi king, wrongly, that more exercise will stop the pain, so I will go easy on the, and maybe have a rest for the moment.