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Hello everyone,

I have just joined due to Arthritis in most areas of my body so advise, support and Friendship from people who understand!

I live in the Horsham area with my Husband, Grandson and my two little pooches and I just turn 60 years young in July



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    Hi @Loll

    Welcome to the online Community glad you have found us and that you are reaching out to the community.

    You say you have Arthritis all over your body but not type you have it would be most helpful if you could share your arthritis journey with us.

    Meanwhile enjoy all the forums, everyone on the forums have variuos forms of arthriris so understand what you are going through.

    Please tell us how you are getting on and do go onto our forums and chat to others it often helps.

    All the best Christine

  • Loll
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    I have osteoporosis and have done for many years, I am yet to have a formal blood test to confirm this.

    My specialists have made confirmation through MRI's, up until now.

    I have currently had many injections in my wrist, shoulder, elbow, hip and spine, followed by a hip Arthroscopy, then a right hip replacement, Trapezium and carpal tunnel operation.

    Currently I am awaiting to see an Orthopedist on the 26th to discuss the result of a MRI showing, multiple problems in my neck, which is very debilitating.

    The pain is very up and down from day to day, but never goes away. I say I have a high pain threshold to people but I think it is a case of not knowing anymore, what it used to be like to live with out Arthritis.