This site is so helpful

I was recommended this site a few years ago by my Rheumy Nurse & Im so glad she did. There is a wealth of information on here.

I was originally worried it would be all doom & gloom but it certainly isn’t. I tend to dip in an out when I need reassurance & advice. I feel it’s like dropping in on a trusted friend, who you know is there but don’t have to visit all the time. This friend has the added bonus of really understanding my struggles with arthritis.

I may not always get an instant answer, sometimes a reply isn't even needed, it just helps to post my thoughts to get them out of my head. All the replies I’ve had have been kind as well as useful. I sometimes search for a particular word or phrase to view all previous conversations that have been had on the subject, it really helps to know I’m not alone & Ive also learned important information along the way.

It’s also good to be able to offer advice myself to others, when I can. I would recommend this site to anyone who has an arthritic condition especially to those who are newly diagnosed.

I’d feel alot more anxious without this community.


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