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I’ve followed MSK advice and been to (outsourced) physio. Had moderate OA in right knee in March with severe pain and then diagnosed moderate OA in left knee with intermittent pain. Now right knee is bone clunking pain. GP says I have to go through MSK, MSK say they’re not long term and pass me on to external physio. Who do I speak to to get a surgical referral? Feel like I’m in a ‘holding loop’! Exhausted with pain and as secondary school teacher on my feet 8-12 hours a day. Also frustrated with being fobbed off - feel I’m the parcel in pass the parcel! Any advice? Can’t keep living like this.


  • frogmorton
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    Your GP can refer you @Peebs to see an orthopaedic consultant you may just have to be quite insistent. Basically everyone wants us to last as long as humanly possible with our own joints.

    Some here have been referred after they have been to a pain clinic too if you have one on your area???

    Best of luck and do let us know how you get on.

    Toni x

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    I think some trusts have this protocol which they say all ortho patients must go through. I don't know if it can be circumvented. I do feel for you, though, as I recall the days of lugging a whole class-worth of exercise books home on the bus, Even if you do get an early referral waiting lists for hips and knees are very, very long in most places. Meanwhile, cycling and swimming are excellent exercises for keeping muscles strong and supportive.

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