Hello. Positive vibes only:)

Hi all, and thank you for having me.

I have lived with arthritis for over 25 years (I'm 43 now). I was lucky enough to finally get my meds under control when I was 35 & have enjoyed a relativey normal life since in terms of being able to run / swim / enjoy playing some sports / run a business / raise a family. I realise I'm extremely lucky in all of these respects, especially the last one.

I'm here for 2 reasons:

1) to hopefully show that there is plenty to be hopeful about. I know the pain (or at least I know my pain) & understand the feeling of frustration / worry. The key for me was persevering through multiple drugs / specialists till I got to a good solution for me. Just keep going.

........but on a far more selfish note........

2) I'd love to find a local football team I could play for - I have a go from time to time with the lads at work & to be honest I can't get any where near them - they're all too young & fast & skillful for me. I don't know if this exists but I'd love to find a team (I live in Birmingham) I could join who have the same issues as myself - or more likely find a team of individuals with a mixture of other similar issues that might let me play from time to time?

If anybody knows where I could start then I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks all & stay positive 😎