Is it my tablets?

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i have been on Alendronic Acid tablets for at least 4 yrs now, i am having some weird eppisodes of Hives, Night sweats, to wake up Flaring up , my throat,I am ripping in my sleep, wanting to rip under my skin, My head has at least a dozen welts/sores, hard to even touch,funny thing is this, I accidently cut ,severed my finger 2yrs ago, index finger, have a scar on the knuckle that i bump from time to time, what i noticed was that the cut from the Scardoesnt bleed normally like most cuts heal, i feel to touch that what I find growing from the cut, is BONE, yes folks, my own theory, but i do believe that these cuts im getting thu itching my scalp, neck, chest, backs of knees, has poossibly the same Feel/touch like Bone, behind my ear i noticed a cut that if i touch iit, i get a needle feel, prickly shooting thru the skin, but if i try to pick it out, its the same as My cuts i get on my finger, I am chatting about this from my own experience, Had my partner pick the knuckle herself, was very sore just letting her, but the result would shock you, It felt like say a shard of tooth, so there was no other thing it could be, only NEW BONE growth, from my bloodstream, I since bumped the knuckle, and again, new growth peers thrpugh the skin, getting back to my flare ups, they hit me now for the last 6months, not knowing then, what i know now, i went to doctor with Hives, got steroid cream for the head, used it up, to no Avail, i got eczema cream, that only sooths the sores, but they all seem to come from within, my bloodstream, and i since try not to pick, and say ones go away, but new ones keep popping up on scalp/Skull is all bumps that i wonder what really is going on, Is it possibly the Alendronic Acid70mg tablet,

this is my own Symptoms,and assesment of my Ailment, i only figured this out just few days ago, and find it very Interesting, I would love to know, Is it the Tablet , into my bloodstream and cuts etc, come out growing wee needle like bone, sore to touch, wont really go away, on a funny side, I feel like HELLBOY



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    Hello @JoeSweeney and welcome to the community. We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that you will find that as well.

    I understand that you have been prescribed Alendronic acid tablets and was wondering if that is causing you some strange side effects. I couldn't find anything on our website but did find this on the NHS one

    We do have the following though which might be of interest

    Please do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on and I am sure that others will connect with you to share their thoughts and experiences as well.

    With very best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    In all my years on here I don't recall anyone mentioning such side effects from Alendronic Acid. Here's what the NHS says about it

    I presume you're taking it for osteoporosis. If so, my very uneducated guess would be that the bone you feel you removed is not new growth but a broken piece making its way through the skin. Either way, please never dig out anything like that as you could introduce serious infection.

    I think 3-5 years is the normal time period for taking alendronic acid. Maybe it's time you had a chat with your doc who put you on it. A further DXA scan might reveal more.

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