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Hello I'm a bit lost at the moment just been diagnosed on Friday and I'm in shock.I had been having lots of pain in my knees and ended up in hospital on Friday due to the pain.I just never expected at the age of 43 to be on crutches and struggling to walk due to arthritis I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that it's not the end of the world


  • Ellen
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    Hello @lian79 Welcome to the Online Community.

    I see from your post that you have a really recent diagnosis of Arthritis it's totally understandable that you are in shock. This happens to all of us when we find out what is causing our joint pains/stiffness.

    You don't say which form of Arthritis you have so I am going to give you a couple of links which should give you some relevant information whichever type it is:

    It may well feel like the end of the world for you just now, but everyone here is on the same journey as you and understands what you are going through. If you feel it would be helpful to talk to someone our helpline information is here:

    You've introduced yourself perhaps you'd like to take a look around the forum? Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular category.

    I hope to see you continuing to post

    Best wishes


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    Oh @lian79

    I totally remember this time. It's so terrifying I thought my life was over. I refused to plan anything incase i couldn't manage it, I thought I'd let my (new) husband down (he loves to travel) feared I'd embarrass my children etc etc. I became an arthritis bore at home, not realising that my family were quite worried enough without me going on and on😳

    Then I found this forum and it helped so much. I had people to talk to who understood and reliable (that's important) information too.

    I am here many years later still doing pretty well life has been good - not what I had thought it would be, but with some adjustments here and there it's been good.

    For now you should get informed talk to us lot probably and above all look after yourself. Sending ((()))

    Toni x