How long can you work with osteoarthritis

I have osteoarthritis in my back and legs .I have had a knee and hip replacement and I need a knee replacement on the other knee now .I am off work as I can’t stand and walk for more than 10 minutes because of the pain.when I’m working I’m on my feet for 10 hours a day at the end of the day I can hardly move .I just wondered am I being a bit dramatic thinking that I would be better to give up work .or do I just carry on as best I can I have ten years left before retirement.


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    Sorry to hear about your pain and how it's effecting your work. It's not dramatic at all. You're having to think about different routes for yourself and work. If you haven't already, asking your employer to speak to occupational health and asking about reasonable adjustments at work. Employers should, by law (Equality Act 2010), explore and implement reasonable adjustments for their employees. For example, equipment to support you, breaks or shorter hours, different tasks. You may also want to explore shorter hours maybe or different things to support you through this. You can also ask your GP to refer you to an occupational therapist, this way you can talk and weigh up what may be useful for you.

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    From what you write @Moparsteve , I don't see how you can carry on working. Not at your current job, anyway. Any chance of a move sideways to something more sedentary?

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    Can your employers change your role to some5ing less physically demanding? This is only going to get worse as you carry on, as your body never has a chance to recover from the punishing your joints get each day. My job can be very physical, but as I’m self employed I’ve taken on work that is less demanding on my joints and allow rest days after a really tough day. Your poor body isn’t getting any of that right now. Had I not had hip replacement eventually, I wouldn’t be able to work in my current role at all by now.