Advice on footware for osteoarthritis of the knee

Hi folks

I've had osteoarthritis of the knee for around 10 years now. I've managed with some off the shelf orthotics and standard footware e.g. trainers/hiking boots from regular high street shoe shops.

I overpronate quite badly and the orthoics(arch supports help with this)

I've found over the years that certain shoes work well for my knee and others just exacerbate the pain. I've tried to pin down what it is that make some shoes good and others bad for me and believe its a combination of lateral stability and cushioning. Elevated heels also seem bad. I have a pair of sketchers go walks which I've only managed to wear a few times and they are bad for my knee. They have loads of cushioning but virtually no stability. I also have an old pair of brookes stability running shoes from when I used to run and they aren't good for my knee either.

Increasingly I buy new shoes, wear them around the house to trial them, decide they are bad for my knee and then can't return them as the arch supports dig into the soles.

TLDR: Any advice on brands/models of shoe which are good for knee osteoarthritis ?

Any retailers which have a good range of suitable shoes?

PS I've looked at specialist footware shops which offer an extensive service of moulding and making totally custom shoes with correspinding price tags of several hundred pounds but this seems overkill as I think I just need shoes with the right type of sole.


  • jamieA
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    Hi @Dodger

    I was referred to a podiatrist at my local NHS hospital who specialised in rheumatology patients. It might be worth asking your GP if such a service is available in your area.

  • Dodger
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    Thanks @jamieA - I actually have seen a couple of podiatrists who prescribed me the arch supports, also have seen 3 physios over the years. I need to buy some new shoes fairly quickly as after years of use the sole of my current pair has sheared at the crease of the end of the insole!

  • stickywicket
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    I've had to wear surgical shoes for many years. Now they actually have some shoes for people who have what you might call special footwear needs but who don't need them made to measure. See if you can get a referral to an orthotist. They're not quick, though, but very good

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  • Fif
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    I don't know if this is of any help, but I have OA in both knees and find that Hoka walking boots really help. They have a lot of cushioning and support. I also use walking poles which really reduce the pressure on the knees.

  • Moira
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    I've always found German shoes by far the best. Mind you they are expensive but I have been using them for years. They do some really nice snazzy boots, so you don't have to look as if you are 100 and clumpy.

    I also do foot exercises every day to strengthen the ankle muscles.

    I don't use walking poles as I can't get on with them but I have a rather snazzy walking stick in bright colours.

    Don't give up and do try some exercises to help strengthen your feet. Hope this is helpful.

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