Understanding Early Pain Symptoms

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Tomorrow I see a rheumatologist for the first time, a long difficult wait is over. Doctor and physio suspect RA is my issue, but having read all I can find on it, the wide scope of my symptoms/lack of symptoms never quite relates to anything. I understand everyone's journey is unique and that RA can affect basically everything but I still find the information available frustratingly vague. Maybe thats why rheumatologists exist!!

Tendon issues in both ankles and elbows ongoing. I have constant random short-lived pains in fingers and toes, day and night. Most of this pain is at the top joint or finger tips or within middle toes. Sometimes finger mid joint pain but never knuckles or wrists. Recent ongoing pains running down back of thighs and sore spot in calves. I wide range of body pains that come and go: upper back, flanks, abdomen, etc. Gardening this week seemed to upset things and now have widespread pain in all fingers and numbness in several fingertips. So much for gardening!!

The pain is bearable so I know I shouldn't complain, especially here. However my question is - if I flood the rheumatologist with this story will he think me mad or will it make some sense?


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    I don't think that relating your symptoms, as outlined in your penultimate paragraph, would count a 'flooding' the rheumatologist with info. The need to know what's going on though blood tests and x-rays usually reveal more.

    What you describe made me think of psoriatic arthritis. Have a read here https://www.versusarthritis.org/about-arthritis/conditions/psoriatic-arthritis/ . It's not essential to have psoriasis to have PsA. For years, they kept wondering if mine might be as my Mum had psoriasis but finally concluded i was RA.

    Do let's know how you get on.

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    Thank you for your response. I have read the PsA information, thanks. See what happens tomorrow.