food for bones



I had knee re alignment surgery in May and i'm still recovering because my bone is not fusing to the plate believe me it's taking ages🙄

I was wondering if anyone knew of any recipes which is good for boosting bone growth

Or any ideas to boost bone growth another way i'm desperate I want to go back to walking without crutches and to drive again it's been too long now


  • stickywicket
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    I'm sorry but I'm not sure foods can do that. I think you need to get advice from your surgeon.

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  • Ellen
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    Good morning @stacey1977

    I see from your post that you are recovering slower than you'd like from knee alignment surgery and are looking for food which might help strengthen your bones.

    This is the Versus Arthritis information about Diet and nutrition I hope it gives you some information to help:

    Very best wishes


  • Moira
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    Hope you are progressing. It does take a long time after surgery and some people heal and progress quicker than others. It took me a long time after a complete replacement and I did my exercises every day (even when painful!). It will get better but does take a long time. The knee is a big and complex joint.

    Hope you are now on the mend. Diet will help and keeping to the advice the physio has given. Hope the surgeon was able to see an improvement.

    Good luck.