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I have been using Ralvo Patches for approx 7 months. My GP has called to say that guidelines are that every 6 months you need a one month break. I believe this is to check/prove that you actually need to be prescribed this medication as it is expensive. I use the max dose of 3 plasters a day (2 on right knee, 1 on left knee)

I am dreading this break as I am very limited on the drugs I can take. I cannot take any NSAID's, Codeine, Tramadol, Negopam, Oramorph etc. I am surviving on Paracetamol 1000mg - 4 times a day and Tapentadol 50mg - up to 4 times a day. Plus Pregabalin, Amitriptyline for nerve pain caused by Cervical Myelopathy and Lumbar spine Stenosis.

Has anyone else heard of this enforced break?


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    Good Morning @Suemadcatlady Welcome to the online Community.

    I understand from your post that you are struggling with pain and are unable to take quite a lot of pain relief. You have been I presume successfully using Ravlo (lidocaine) patches and your GP wants you to take a month's break. I can quite understand you are dreading this enforced break.

    I am aware of at least one members who uses the patches @jamieA a regular contributor.

    Before I leave you to meet our members I will just quickly attach a link to our information on pain is there may be something you haven't yet tried which might help you while you are off of your patches:

    I hope to see you posting again in the future.

    Best wishes


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    Hi @Suemadcatlady

    I've just seen your post and I'd be really surprised if this break is based on cost. The NICE pricepoint for lidocaine patches is £75 for a pack of 30 so £2.50 a patch. I was initially prescribed them for my shoulders and knee but have ended up using them mostly for my lower back - sacroiliac joints - and knee. I've nevered needed them every day since I was put on biologics for my PsA even though I've now got osteoarthritis in a number of my joints. I tend to use them in bursts - maybe 3-4 days straight when my back or knee pain is bad and then a number of days I don't need them as the pain has dissipated. I was told at the time that you couldn't use them all the time forever as your body would become used to the local anaesthetic. I also use capsaicin cream for my shoulders and knees which I feel helps as well. It's really difficult to get at present seemingly due to manufacturing problems in the UK. I do wonder if the effects of the cream are partly the 5 minutes or so I take to massage it onto each of my joints - whether it's actually the massage that's helping.