Very bad chronic pain

I see to be getting no where it seems no one cares anymore. Im in absoulte agony cant dtand for long to wash up before my back hips and legs start flaring.

Still waiting for a pain clinic appointment even ask if hhe coild chase it answer from receptionist ill get the dr secretary to do it still havent heard anything got to thd point im in so much pain can hadly walk now.

Maxing out on shortec 6 tabs aday on maxdose of zoromorph andmaxdoseof paracetamol capsules used to be on longtec twice a day 5mg fenytal patches 5omcg every 3 days dihdracodiene and paracetamol gp took me of them and now only on zoromorph shortec and paracetamol. I'm getting hardly any sleep and making fed up on top of that it trigging my asthma off. Can't get nothing done if i stand to wash up im in agony only can do 1/4 of a room before i have to sit down even bending down to empty washing machine it triggers it even collapsing cardboard get me. Just had enough.


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    Sorry you are in such a lot of pain. 😔

  • Hi Peawhips,

    We are sorry to hear that you are in so much pain and that you have had enough, being in constant pain can have an impact on how we are feeling and affect our day-to-day life.

    We are also sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your Pain management appointment, it may be worth ringing your GP surgery again, this can be very frustrating, but it may speed up your appointment.

    From your post it sounds like you have difficulty in doing you daily chores so it may be worth asking your GP for a referral to see an Occupational therapist (OT). An Occupational therapy can help you to manage your work, home and leisure activities if you have a condition that makes those activities difficult. An occupational therapist will help you to become more aware of how to use you joints that ache and will work with you to find solutions to the things you find difficult. They can also suggest aids and adaptations to help with your daily activities and carry out an assessment within your home to see if you require any adaptations so that you can live independently.

    You mentioned several types of treatment that you are taking but didn’t mention what type of arthritis that you have, if you could let us know what form of arthritis that you have that affects your back hips and legs we may be about to suggest another treatments that you could speak to your doctor about, alternatively if you would like to call the Helpline on the free phone number (0800 5200 520) and speak to an advisor please do so.

    Best wishes


    Helpline Advisor